For Those Who Don't EP

by Wyatt Agard



One of a 5 2 track EPs I am releasing as opposed to hitting the usual crowd sourcing.
In the last 3 months I have spent my life savings restoring a vintage synthesizer collection. I am just over $20,000 into fees and paying for my living as I toil over getting these once proud machines back to where they can sing and adding some modern retrofit kits along the way. The final piece is a Moog Modular C3 that once belonged to the UW and includes the near priceless 1630 unit. A Bode Frequency shifter. Please help me get this last piece done, and maybe if I'm lucky get some of my safety net back. As a sub contracting artist I do not have 401 or retirement match.

List of units
Moog Modular C3
Arp 1600
Mini Moog rev D
Prophet 5
Juno 60
707 with pitch mod
sh 101
3 DX drum machiines
1 DSX sequencer


released June 9, 2015

All programing, sound design vocal work, editing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, artwork done by Wyatt Agard.



all rights reserved


Wyatt Agard Madison, Wisconsin

Wyatt Agard is a Madison, WI based Producer, Educator and DJ. After years of DJ experience Wyatt moved onto the production of electronic music.

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Track Name: Lead Me To The Phuture
Lead me not into temptation
Lead me not into a fall
Lead me with love and grace
Off this god forsaken wall